InSpira’s Showroom is Open!

We have created something special for you, our beautiful Garden Room is ready for visitors. Our Sales Office is in a brand new InSpira, just outside our workshop. We want to show off how the modular build works so well with the unique reciprocal roof and showcase our innovative range of “healthy working” furniture.

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Straight, angled & curved walls

InSpira went together so quickly and easily because we have created a set of cleverly interlocking panels. We make these high-quality components in our workshop. The interior side of the wooden walls are coated with a lush lacquer and they contain a double-layer cavity insulation, making a wonderful space, that looks and feels warm in no time.

Modular curved walls, birch plywood interior, warm wood


Innovative furniture for a healthy working lifestyle

We have also installed furniture that will support a healthier working day. We want to promote movement and versatility for a healthy body that will help maintain a healthy frame of mind. You can try these for yourself. We have an amazing desk that rotates 360 degrees, changes shape and size and can go from floor to ceiling. So you can: lie, kneel, squat, sit, or stand at the desk, as well as get the most out of the light and space. We also have an integrated daybed, where you can sit and move to match your activity: upright, recline, or maybe even get a quick power nap. Ask us about what we can do to support your work life. We will delve into this amazing topic in a follow up blog soon.

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Reciprocal roof

The curved walls of InSpira are a real stand out feature that wrap you in their cosy homely atmosphere. The incredible ceiling is delightfully clever. The beautiful skylight in the self-supporting spiral roof makes a fantastic centre piece breathing life and natural light into the room. Everything rests perfectly on the rounded walls to top off an amazing space. Follow this blog for a full post on self-supporting architecture

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Wonderful setting

Our workshop is in Barcombe Mills, a few miles outside Lewes, in the picturesque South Downs. We are set adjacent to farm fields, the view out of the many windows creates a stunning vista of the local landscape. Why not make a day of it and go for a walk along the river at Barcombe Mills, and follow the Ouse Valley path along this beautiful meandering river?


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We look forward to welcoming you

Come and see how our flat pack office, with its amazing ceiling, works so well with our beautifully crafted fittings, to make a perfect garden retreat

We would love to hear what you are thinking. What would you like to know about InSpira?





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Absolutely beautiful! It was amazing to see first hand how quickly it came together.

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