About us and our project

InSpira was created and developed in response to Covid-19, both in terms of what it has done to our industry and what it means for the future.

Like a lot of people, we were greatly affected by the sudden halt in commercial activity for many traditional businesses, we had the factory and skills but no briefs to fulfil.

This situation provided a rare opportunity for a reset, where we had the time and motivation to create something entirely new. With years of experience in design and manufacture we quickly got to work to evaluate what would be an appropriate response to the change in our world and were soon thinking about how everyone will be working in the future and what we could do to support this change.


We considered what would be important in an excellent garden room, one that is a perfect environment for work and creativity at home, and to be able to deliver it safely in this new environment. We came up with our design targets and have worked painstakingly to exceed them as much as possible.

Modular build – this allows us to make a kit of large individual components in our workshop to high build quality and beautifully finished. Cost-effective and convenient

Quick Build – The modular components are quickly connected together on site, we can also walk them through the house if that is the only access to the garden. Hassle free

Clean build – We simply fix our kit together in your garden. We assemble the floor, wall and roof sections with cable routing and insulation cavity inside, as well as complete the interior finish in our factory.


Beauty– We have a clever wall design; we can make walls in curves and at angles. Our ingenious system means we can make a room to suit your garden and your work.

Light – The design encourages the configuration of doors and windows to suit the setting, to provide best access to the room and garden as well as perfectly frame the views from inside. Our unique beautiful roof and roof light make the most of the light from above.

Interior Finish – Our factory finished panels come with a hard wearing, perfect finish every time. Easy clean, long lasting and beautiful

Exterior Finish – We mount the cladding to the assembled building, we offer a range of timber in different dimensions, steel and concrete. We also have a range of recycled and reclaimed materials. We can make your building blend into its surroundings or stand out as a sculptural feature in your landscaping.


Ready to go – Our rooms come pre-wired with lights and sockets, the interior is finished and the doors and windows professionally fitted.

Covid Safe – We can discuss your plans, preliminarily survey your garden and deliver a visualisation of your new room remotely. We will take all safety precautions when on site

Permitted Development – We have designed our units to comply with permitted development rules, so you will not require planning permission

Innovative Furniture – Jani has a long history of designing incredible furniture, we have drawn on this experience and creativity to offer a range of beautiful and functional furniture to compliment the InSpira aesthetic and provide a flexible, healthy, modern working environment.

We see that more people are going to need their own space to work or create. Inspira is a garden room office firstly. It is also a most comfortable space. We see it as a blank canvas, a homely nurturing womb like room, for you to compose as you wish.