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In this blog I would like to explain our mission for InSpira, a little about biophilic design and why we want to bring it to you in this way.

Being in a biophilic environment is better for you, your well-being and your work, I will show you some of the ways we do this with InSpira, and how you can do it at home or at work.



Garden Photo by Tim Cooper on Unsplash


So why garden studios and offices?

We have a simple aim at InSpira, to give you the best environment, a truly quality space.

When it is time to work, it is best to be relaxed but focused. When you want to unwind, you need somewhere that makes you feel tranquil and secure. Being outside is a great step toward this as you see the natural processes of the day. The sounds, the play of the light, the smells and the touch of natural materials all have a subtle effect. They have been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate, enhance engagement and attention, and improve attitude and happiness.

Wherever you work, can you get close to or in sight of a window? Or if that’s not possible, can you put a plant or some natural materials around your workspace?



 Light through the Forest Photo by Michael Krahn on Unsplash


You make the most of changing daylight by being in the garden. The natural variation of light through doors, windows, and a skylight has a positive effect on our circadian system, as well as being easy on the eyes. These elements also make it easy to vary the temperature and airflow, and that improves comfort, wellbeing, productivity, and concentration, according to research.

Where do you work, could you improve the range of light and ventilation, perhaps using mirrors or translucent blinds?



The shape of Fern, Photo by Hannah Grace on Unsplash


Why the natural forms?

Your room is intended to be part of the garden, the planting and landscape design. The InSpira system can lend itself to any shape, either an organic form as part of a grand design or to fit into an irregular space. There are few straight lines in nature, so organic forms are more pleasing.

Can you add some curves or complexity to interrupt the straight lines of your modern workspace? It could be a few simple stones or a whole natural wall covering.



Looking out over a field, photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash


Sitting with your back to a curved wall facing a good view is cosy, it increases comfort, concentration, and the feeling of safety. At the same time reducing stress, boredom, and fatigue. The biophilic response is individual to each of us, our system can make a room just for you and your garden.

Can you change the outlook where you work? One of my favourite features are the moss and plant living pictures. These have the benefits of natural materials, having plants around you and can act like view from a window.



Lake Rotoiti Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash


Why does it work?

Just as walking in the woods, sitting by a lake, or working in the garden improves our mood, being in a biophilic room is closer to a natural setting and we respond to nature in a healthy way.

The environment has been part of our evolution. We are linked to it in so many ways that are often obscured by modern living. Reconnecting through biophilic design is restorative and we can use it to our advantage, now we understand how it works. The science has shown that we perform better, are more relaxed, simply more at home when we integrate the natural world into our built surroundings.



Living Wall Photo by Govind Krishnan on Unsplash


What works for you?

I love camping and getting out into a forest or the mountains, for me it is life enhancing, but I know it’s not for everyone. Many people have a lawned garden, this has been recognised as a metaphor for the savannah, our anthropological home. And many of us like nothing more than to chill on a beach on our summer holiday.


It would be great to hear how you relate to this topic or your ideas and solutions for your project or workspace.

Please get in touch with your own experience of biophilia or if this blog means anything to you.


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